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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I'm up at 3am tossing and turning while you're asleep. Thinking of other men making love to me is like being on drugs. I can't seem to shake this urge inside, grabbing my head and grumbling please let this go away. Knowing my heart is pure as gold but sexually I want to let my body be free. I keep having to fight to stay faithful as I scratch my body again. This is like torture at its finest. Now I see why I have face breakouts because my hormones are bouncing all over the walls. I don't know how much more I can take. I gave all the explanations and talks I could. I'm going crazy on the inside as I can't stop these thoughts from running through my head. From this one and that one laying in my bed. This strong urge is like no other. Feeling my weakness can really give out at any time. As I lay in silence but my body calling out for a 911 body party. Breathe in and breathe out feeling like I need counseling. Feeling like I'm ready to let my sexual frustrations out on 1 of the men that keep yearning for me. This one and that one enie meanie Minie Moe will do for me right now. I keep praying down this urge for infidelity and I keep my legs close. I'll win this battle as my sexual high begins to dimmer.... I feel like a dog on a leash and I'm the only dog home. This gets better with time



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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Let's Get Imperial!

Hello my name Is Alexa CEO/OWNER of Imperial fashion boutique/Academy LLC. With Imperial fashion boutique we will dress you in the latest trendy clothing for women & men. Let's get you Imperial today!!Before we get Imperial, I want to introduce myself and tell you about myself and why I started my business. The WHY is everything right? Let me explain where the idea came from, my inspiration and my why. Okay let's start!

As a child I use to cut up old jeans or shirts to create new outfits for my dolls. I had a passion for fashion at the age of 5.I was persistent at making clothes. As I grew older at the age of 10, I kept going. My Uncle Cory always told me "You can do whatever you put your mind to ". So that I did. Let me ask the audience something...I know Ya'll remember the bedazzle machine" lol I bedazzled everything jeans, shorts, shirts, purses and items for my cousins. I knew this is something I had a passion for. I still had this passion but gave up. I was a failure and embarrassed was16 years old and pregnant. I thought all my dreams came crashing down but with god's mercy and grace pulled me through. Through a domestic violence relationship, almost dying 3 times in my young life here I stood raising my child, carrying everything on my back here I was standing because God let me and here, I am to tell my testimony.Troubles won't keep you always. As my father always says 'this to shall pass'. After each storm the sun shines again. The sun shined for myself and my daughter years later. I will continue and fast forward up in this next coming paragraph.

Let's fast forward up when I became an adult. Back in 2018, I was taking care of an elderly lady. Just as I began this new job, I and my husband's blessings were answered. After finding Out I conceived my 2nd child I planned with my husband. My husband asked, If I can quit my job due to complications with my pregnancy. I agreed and prayed for guidance and direction for a new business opportunity. I kept seeing on Facebook dropshipping and reselling. I didn't understand what it was until I seen a Gucci purse on a flyer and Fendi shoes then I understood it was to sell trending name brand items. I contacted a friend and immediately got started and by my 2nd month I made $3,500 selling items on Ebay and training as well. I did business all over Cleveland. Met with customers from 3rd party Apps. Some months were defiantly better than others. I defiantly wanted to quit my business about 6 times before but I stayed strong. Listened to business motivational speakers, business affirmations, positive affirmations and wrote my own as well. Selling clothes is my passion!!I love piecing a outfit together for a client. As well, this business makes me feel like a fashion designer too!

Now, I currently run my boutique out of my event space. I also run my bounce house business Bounce Town all in my event space as well. I run all 3 of my businesses from 1 place. I have been very successful and offer dropshipping & reselling and Event Space courses. Nothing is ever easy, nothing in life comes easy. You have to do what others won't do. Go the extra mile like how you did when you worked a job. Go as hard as you went for your job but go harder. Your success depends on you! You will go through hell & high water starting a business and especially if you have multiple businesses can be hectic. Pray for the business field you should go into, put God first, listen to positive affirmations, have a business plan written, do your research and begin. Thank you for reading my Blog!!You are always welcome to reach out through email, text message for any motivation, questions about starting your business, questions about purchasing clothing, training or other items on the site. You are always welcomed here at Imperial Fashion Boutique/Academy LLC, and we thank you & love our customers❤️

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Author: Alexa Medlock