Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I'm up at 3am tossing and turning while you're asleep. Thinking of other men making love to me is like being on drugs. I can't seem to shake this urge inside, grabbing my head and grumbling please let this go away. Knowing my heart is pure as gold but sexually I want to let my body be free. I keep having to fight to stay faithful as I scratch my body again. This is like torture at its finest. Now I see why I have face breakouts because my hormones are bouncing all over the walls. I don't know how much more I can take. I gave all the explanations and talks I could. I'm going crazy on the inside as I can't stop these thoughts from running through my head. From this one and that one laying in my bed. This strong urge is like no other. Feeling my weakness can really give out at any time. As I lay in silence but my body calling out for a 911 body party. Breathe in and breathe out feeling like I need counseling. Feeling like I'm ready to let my sexual frustrations out on 1 of the men that keep yearning for me. This one and that one enie meanie Minie Moe will do for me right now. I keep praying down this urge for infidelity and I keep my legs close. I'll win this battle as my sexual high begins to dimmer.... I feel like a dog on a leash and I'm the only dog home. This gets better with time



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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

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